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Cancers We Treat from the Willamette Valley to the Oregon Coast

Our team of cancer specialists are highly skilled in treating all forms of cancer. Understanding more about your cancer diagnosis before seeing one of our oncologists or hematologists can be helpful. 

Breakthrough Cancer Research & Clinical Trials at WVCI

Our oncologists are highly trained in the most recent advancements in cancer care, offering a full range of oncology services including access to cancer research trials.

Access to the Latest Cancer Treatments Right Here at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute

Our experienced staff provides care and support for patients and their loved ones at our cancer centers in Albany, Corvallis, Eugene, Florence,  Lincoln City, and Newport, Oregon.

External Beam Radiation

Radiation therapy delivered from outside of the body to kill cancer cells is a common part of many patients' treatment plans. Learn more about the types of radiation therapy and the possibility of using hypofractionated radiation to reduce the number of treatment sessions.

Internal Radiation

Also called brachytherapy, a higher total dose of radiation can be delivered in a smaller area than what can be achieved with external beam radiation, resulting in less radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. This can be high-dose rate or low-dose rate depending on the type of cancer.


Chemotherapy is a group of medicines used to treat cancer that works by stopping or slowing cancer cells’ growth, regardless of whether they grow slowly or quickly. It differs from surgery and radiation in that it works throughout the body to kill cancer cells rather than targeting a very specific area.

Hormone Therapy

Hormones are naturally occurring substances that stimulate the growth of hormone-sensitive tissues, such as the breast or prostate gland. Hormone therapy drugs deprive cancer cells of the hormones they need to grow.


Immunotherapy uses each patient’s immune system to fight the cancer. Some immunotherapies help the immune system stop or slow the growth of cancer cells, while others boost the immune system to destroy cancer cells. 

Targeted Therapy

This type of cancer treatment uses drugs to target specific substances, such as proteins and genes, that control how cancer cells grow, divide, and spread. Doctors often use targeted therapy, along with chemotherapy and other treatments. 

We are affiliated with the US Oncology Network, one of the largest cancer treatment and research networks in the country, forming a community of shared expertise and resources dedicated to delivering better patient outcomes.

Fight Like a Duck is a celebration of local cancer survivors who share their inspiring stories of hope while enjoying a VIP game-day experience.


Beaver Believers program brings together Oregon State University fans who stand behind and cheer on patients at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute.

Find Cancer Care at Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley Cancer Institute provides patients with personalized cancer care and the latest treatments in Albany, Corvallis, Eugene, Florence, Lincoln City, and Newport, Oregon.

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