Oncology Social Services

We understand that a cancer diagnosis and treatment often creates new life challenges, affecting relationships, employment and finances. WVCI is committed to caring for the whole patient during and after cancer diagnosis and offers oncology social services and programming at no cost.

WVCI’s oncology social workers are clinical professionals with extensive cancer training and experience who will partner with you and your family during and after diagnosis and treatment.

Our oncology social workers can help you:

  • Access information to help you understand your diagnosis and treatments
  • Cope with your diagnosis of cancer and the many emotions you may be experiencing
  • Consider decisions about treatment options as you think about your work, family and other elements of your life
  • Understand social security benefits, disability benefits and insurance coverage
  • Apply for programs that offer financial assistance

They can teach you about:

  • Talking with your treatment team members
  • Talking with your children, family, friends or co-workers about your cancer and treatments
  • Reducing stress and using relaxation skills
  • How cancer affects sex, intimacy, fertility and how you feel about your body
  • Complementary and alternative medicine
  • Clinical trials
  • Living with cancer – issues commonly experienced and resources to help you long term
  • Planning for your care with the use of advance directives
  • Life as a cancer survivor

They can also help you access:

  • Affordable medical care and prescription drug coverage
  • Transportation to and from medical care
  • Temporary housing during your treatment
  • Home health care and hospice care
  • Items such as a cane or walker
  • Referrals for help at home

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