Retail Pharmacy


Personal and knowledgeable pharmacists

We have an excellent understanding of the medications you need to fight cancer. We also carry many other commonly prescribed medications. Delivering individualized, comprehensive pharmacy services is important to us.

Collaborative effort

Our pharmacists work closely with your Willamette Valley Cancer Institute (WVCI) oncologist to provide you the prescriptions you need during your cancer treatment – it’s a unique doctor-pharmacist relationship you won’t find anywhere else.

Insurance savvy

We work with your insurance company and help with copay assistance so that you can focus on what matters most – your cancer treatment. Learn more about our accepted insurance plans.

Refilling your prescription at WVCI

If your prescription was filled at WVCI, simply contact us with the name of your medicine and prescription number, which you’ll find on the packaging. We will contact your physician, if necessary. 

Certain pain medicines cannot be refilled over the phone; a written prescription may be required. For this reason, check to see that you have ample medications prior to weekends or holidays. 

Refills may take up to 24 hours to fulfill, so please contact us as early as possible.

To contact WVCI pharmacists

The pharmacy is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 6 pm, with lunch taken from 1-1:30 pm. You can call us at 541-681-4948, or toll free 888-384-9822.

Our pharmacy is located at our Country Club Road location, 520 Country Club Road, Eugene, OR 97401.

Refilling a prescription elsewhere

If your prescription was filled at a pharmacy other than WVCI and you need a refill, please contact your pharmacy first - even if the bottle says No Refills. Please allow 3 business days (not including Saturday, Sunday, or holidays) for the refill to be processed. If making an URGENT request (you will be out in 1-2 days), state the day you will be out when talking with your pharmcy or WVCI operators. Please make every effort to ask for refills at least 3 days in advance of running out