Patient and Nurse Navigators

There are a lot of decisions to be made while going through cancer treatment. And most patients could benefit from the many resources available through WVCI and our community. But it can be hard to know where to find what you need, even with the support of a loving family. Nurse and patient navigators serve as a guide, a resource, and a wealth of helpful information for you and your family while going through treatment and beyond.

What Is a Navigator and What Do They Do?

Your “Navigator” is a healthcare professional whose experience and expertise in Cancer Care can help guide you through your treatment journey. The WVCI navigators perform a wide variety of duties, which may include:

  • Guiding you through the healthcare system, including assisting with the paperwork that needs to be completed by the patient.
  • Providing tips on communicating with their healthcare providers, both at WVCI and other healthcare providers, the patient may need to see during or after treatment. 
  • Advocating on your behalf to enhance communication with your healthcare team
  • Working with you to find the resources and support you need for medication and transportation. This includes finding transportation to and from your appointments if needed.
  • Helping you arrange cancer screening services.
  • Communicating with your primary healthcare provider.
  • Helping you manage the symptoms and side effects of your cancer treatment.
  • Connecting you with other referrals including a social worker consult, financial counseling, or a dietitian.
  • Making you aware of support programs that are available in your own community

In addition to being a wealth of information about the entire cancer treatment process,  these highly skilled healthcare professionals are also compassionate and thoughtful.  Our navigators’ services are always free, and you can choose to opt out of them at any time. To schedule an appointment with a Patient Navigator call 541-683-5001 or toll free 888-384-9822.

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