New Patient Portal:


Your Information – At Your Fingertips

We know it’s important for you to have access to your medical information when you need it. Our goal is to make it convenient by providing secure, instant access to your upcoming appointments, lab results, medications, and more, including being able to send non-urgent messages to your care team, all through the Ontada Health patient portal. 

Ontada Health is brought to you by your provider, in partnership with the US Oncology Network, part of McKesson Specialty Health (MSH). Ontada Health makes secure access to your health records available from an easy-to-access online dashboard, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no cost to you.

Enrolling in Ontada Health

To access your medical information online, tell any of our front desk staff you want to enroll in Ontada Health, or call M-F from 8-5 pm and let our operator know you'd like to sign up for the Ontada Health patient portal. Within (1) business day you will receive an email invitation to enroll.  Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account, then you can login anytime to Ontada Health by visiting: or use the peach colored button below:

Already a Portal User?

If you were previously enrolled in MyCarePlus, your personal health information was securely tranferred to Ontada Health. MyCare Plus was retired as of Oct. 2nd, 2023, so you will no longer be able to access information on that site. All MyCarePlus users were sent an email invitation to register for Ontada Health.  If for any reason you need the front desk to resend, please let us know and we will gladly send another enrollment invitation to you.

Getting Started

When you are ready to get started, please follow the steps below:

  1. Check your email account (or spam folder) for the invitation to register for Ontada Health. Can't find it or it's expired? Please request a resend by our front desk staff either in person or by calling M-F, 8am-5pm:  541-683-5001.

  2. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your online account. Here is the Ontada Health Patient Help Guide for your reference.

  3. Keep your password and login information in a safe place. If you lose it, you can always visit the site and use the “Forgot password” or “Forgot username” links to recover them.

  4. Access your account by visiting: or use the Ontada Health Login buttons on this page.

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Need Help?

Have questions about how to get started using your new Ontada Health patient portal? Check out Ontada's easy to follow Help Guide.
In the guide you'll find answers on how to:
  • Increase the text size for easier reading - Page 4.
  • Print out your records - Page 5.
  • Make, change, or check your appointments  - Page 6.
  • Send a (non-urgent) message to your care team - Page 7.
  • Change your email address - Page 9.
  • Add a caregiver  - See page 10

Still have a question or need technical assistance?

Please contact the Ontada Health site administrator by calling M-F (9-5pm CST): 

Lab Results & Questions?

All WVCI lab results will be available on the Ontada Health patient portal after the doctor has reviewed them. WVCI providers strongly suggest that all patients get portal access (as described above). If you have questions or concens about your lab results, please review these with your provider at your next appointment. If there are urgent issues or changes to your care, you will be contacted by a nurse. 

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