Policies for Current Patients


Current patients, please review the following WVCI policies and expected response times for the following:

Phone Calls 

If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911.

WVCI phone hours are 7 am-5 pm.  Non-urgent calls after 1:00 pm will not be returned until the following business day at the earliest. 

All calls outside of these hours will go to the answering service. Urgent medical issues will be sent to an on-call Doctor. If you have non-urgent issues, such as scheduling, billing, or medical records, please call during regular phone hours of 7 am-5 pm Monday – Friday.  If you have an appointment coming up, it would be best for you to discuss non-urgent medical issues with the provider at that time.

Prescription Refills

If you need a refill, please contact your pharmacy first, even if the bottle says no refills. Please allow 5 business days (not including Saturday, Sunday, or holidays) for the refill to be processed.

If making an urgent request for a refill that you will be out of in 1-2 days, state the day you will be out when talking with the operators. Please make every effort to ask for refills at least 5 days in advance of running out. 

Paperwork for the Doctor to Complete

If you have brought in paperwork that needs to be completed by the Doctor, please allow 10 business days for this to be completed. WVCI staff will call you when it is ready to be picked up. 

Lab Results

All WVCI lab results will be available on the patient portal after the doctor has reviewed them.  WVCI providers strongly suggest that all patients get access to Ontada Health, the patient portal. If you wish to get portal access, please let our front desk staff know. If you have questions about the results, please review these with your provider at your next appointment. If there are urgent issues or changes to your care, you will be contacted by the nurse. 

Thank you for following the above guidelines and helping WVCI to improve all patient care and decrease wait times.