Roosevelt Anderson

Roosevelt Anderson, BS, MD, CCRP

Clinical Research Manager

Encouraging, positive and analytical, Roosevelt Anderson likes to get to the bottom of things. He enjoys asking questions, meeting with patients and educating them about their diagnosis and treatment options, including clinical trials.

“Getting to know our patients plays an important part in treating them – every clinical trial is different, and every person is different.” Roosevelt says. “The better we understand each person, the better we can help them. And, when a patient sees that we truly care about their treatment and outcome, that instills confidence and hope.”

Roosevelt completed his undergraduate studies at The City University of New York and graduate studies at Autonomous University of Tamaulipas Faculty of Medicine, based in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. He is a member of both the US Oncology Research Operations Council and the Society of Clinical Research Associates.

Roosevelt’s keen interest in investigative medicine keeps him busy learning about advances in treatment, science and technology. He also enjoys writing and spending time with his family, exploring new places and cultures.