Casey Chiasson, MBA

Executive Director

As the Executive Director, Casey is responsible for the overall performance and culture of WVCI. His strategic vision for the organization includes a team approach where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s individual parts. Within that approach he works with WVCI’s physicians, APP’s and the Leadership team to provide cutting edge cancer care based in research and to enhance the patient experience.

“I coached competitive youth soccer teams for years. When coached the right way, players hold each other accountable for the betterment of the team. That same thing happens in oncology, but we hold each other accountable to all act in the patient’s best interest.”

Casey refers to his approach as “putting the patient in the center of the room”, which is something he’s taken from his past experiences. It is a figurative approach that allows our teams to stay focused on the reason we’re all here. The thought is that we will always make the right decision if we are able to keep the patient and their family at the center of our meetings.

“For me, it feels natural and allows for accountability that results in a better patient experience.”

Highly focused, analytical, and purpose driven, Casey is dedicated to achieving a high level of organizational performance by promoting a culture that thrives on inclusion, critical conversation, trust, and accountability.

Passionate about wanting to make a difference and not wasting the time he’s been given, Casey adds, “I want to be able to go home at night and lay my head down on the pillow knowing that I was part of something special, something that has the potential to touch someone’s life in a positive way, on their worst day.”

A native of Lafayette, Louisiana, Casey was drawn to WVCI for its culture of purpose and compassion, the company’s growth over the last few years, and how engaged the practice physicians are.

“There are many things that I’ve had to adjust to since arriving in Eugene. The hills, no traffic, people wearing shorts when it’s 45 degrees out, positivity in the news…and docs that are just different in a great way.”

When he’s not meeting with providers and helping WVCI achieve our mission, Casey’s likely out enjoying the PNW with his wife and kids. He still plays soccer, golf, skis, snowboards, rafts, hikes, and runs. But if he’s home, you’re likely to find him in the kitchen, cooking up some Louisiana cuisine, an important part of the Chiasson (French, pronounced “chĕ-sson”) family heritage.