Lori McKay

Radiation Oncology Practice Manger

For Lori McKay, Radiation Oncology Practice Manger, creating and improving systems to deliver the very best patient care is not just a job; it’s a calling. As a teenager working at a nursing home, Lori realized her desire to work in healthcare at an early age. That foresight led to decades of direct service, management, and operational experience in county health centers, which shaped her patient-centric, community care philosophy.

Lori joined WVCI’s leadership team, explaining, “I was drawn to the passion that the staff have towards delivering excellent patient care and truly being focused – patient first – always,” adding, “it is really a gift to be part of such a dedicated team.” Resilient and humble, Lori has a deep respect for each individual WVCI serves, “the patient experience is so unique and complex, and each person deserves to have the very best possible experience.”

The alignment of mission and vision has been a great fit. Lori is committed in the months and years ahead to remove barriers, improve systems, and to help all the staff at WVCI achieve their highest level of excellence in delivering healthcare to our community.

“I want nothing more than to be of service – exceptional patient care - it’s what drives me”

When she isn’t problem-solving or refining processes, Lori is all about being active with family & friends. Whether it’s an early morning run, a long hike chasing waterfalls, or sticky smores in the backyard, Lori finds joy in & gratitude for a life she loves living.