Anne Gallagher

Anne Gallagher

Practice Administrator, Privacy and Compliance Officer

With more than two decades of experience in health care, Anne Gallagher is passionate and dedicated to helping deliver quality cancer care and services to our patients.

“It’s important to me that patients feel well taken care of, informed and educated about their diagnosis and treatment, and that they know how to reach out if they are in need of additional support.”

Anne believes wholeheartedly in WVCI’s patient-focused approach to care, putting an individual’s needs front and center.

“All patients experience cancer in different ways, even if they have the same diagnosis. It’s important that we communicate well as a team—from the person at the front desk, to the treatment nurses, to the providers—so that we understand and care for each patient as an individual, addressing their specific situation and their goals.”

Driven by her own experiences as a lung cancer survivor and through her work at WVCI, Anne is immersed in the cancer community, locally and nationally. She reviews lung cancer research for the Department of Defense, serves as a member of the LUNGevity Survivor Advisory Board, and speaks publicly on advocacy and solutions to practical issues that patients often face.

In her free time, Anne enjoys the company of those who are important to her, including her three siblings and six nieces and nephews.