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New Mom Has New Appreciation for Life After Cancer
May 07, 2019

New Mom Has New Appreciation for Life After Cancer

Eight months ago, Beth Lewis and her husband, Kyle, received a beautiful gift—their daughter Davie.

“She is the calmest baby you will ever meet,” Beth says. “She doesn’t really fuss unless she’s hungry.”

As a new mom, Beth was on cloud nine, until her six-week postpartum checkup revealed something she didn’t expect. Beth learned she had cervical cancer.

“I sobbed. I knew that having this diagnosis was going to change and disrupt my life, as not only a new mom but also a wife, a daughter and a friend. I was really scared.”

After undergoing a hysterectomy, Beth received six weeks of radiation, while she also received chemotherapy for cervical cancer treatment at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute in Corvallis.

“I did those treatments simultaneously, so it was pretty hard on me and my body, but I didn’t lose my hair, which I was so happy about,” says Beth, who, in addition to being a new mom, is also a nurse in the intensive care unit at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis.

Beth feels lucky in more ways than one. She is now cancer free—and she knows that if it hadn’t been for little Davie, her cancer may not have been caught early on.

“She saved my life. She’s a little miracle. I only get one (child) and that’s OK, because she’s pretty fantastic.”

Before her diagnosis, Beth didn’t think anything positive could come from having cancer. She’s since changed her mind. She says this experience has given her more empathy, helping her better relate to the patients she cares for in the intensive care unit.

“The care that I received through Willamette Valley Cancer Institute has shown me that there is so much love, compassion and hope in the world. These people are here, and they are ready to help you through your darkest days. I’m thankful that they are a part of my story.”

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cervical cancer or any type of gynecologic cancer, learn how Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center can help.

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