Proper Medication Disposal

How to prevent accidental poisonings

Before disposing of your medications, follow these simple steps to remove unused or expired medications from your home to prevent accidental poisoning.

Tablets and capsules

Place tablets and capsules into a disposable, sealable container. Add water and fully submerge medicine, letting it rest until slurry forms. Add cat litter or coffee grounds. Throw entire container into the garbage, out of reach of children and pets.

Topical patches

Fold used or unused patches, sealing sticky sides together. Toss into garbage, out of reach of children and pets.


Sharps containers can be taken to the Glenwood Refuse Facility at 3100 E. 17th Ave., Eugene. Prior to drop-off, place sharps inside an approved, red biohazard container or red, hard plastic detergent bottle. Outside Eugene/ Springfield, contact your local garbage company for disposal instructions.

Pharmacies cannot accept medications once they are dispensed.

This information is provided free by Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, November 2011. Because medication disposal guidelines can change, consumers are encouraged to review current best practices.

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