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Steve Baron

Executive Director

As the Executive Director, Steve is responsible for the overall performance of WVCI. He supervises the administration, programs, and strategic vision of the organization and feels propelled by its purpose.

“Knowing that patients count on WVCI to be there to provide compassionate, high quality, cutting edge care motivates me. Also, knowing that we have highly skilled and compassionate providers, caregivers, and administrative staff that, in addition to providing outstanding care, count on WVCI for their livelihood motivates me. I have been entrusted with that awesome responsibility and I take that very seriously.”

Positive and adaptable, Steve thrives on helping to make a difference in patients’ lives through collaboration, compassion, and always putting patient care first.

“Every day that we (at WVCI) work with a cancer patient is another opportunity to make their lives better, which makes the job worthwhile.”

Originally from Pennsylvania, Steve was drawn to WVCI for its family atmosphere, well-respected history in the community, compassionate patient-first priority, and emphasis on research (through a collaboration with US Oncology Network).

“With the support of the US Oncology Network behind them, I feel that the sky is the limit for WVCI.”

When he isn’t in a meeting or problem-solving, Steve stays active running, biking, hiking, or working out. A self-proclaimed sports junky, he loves all things sports, especially football.